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Generator Installation and Repair in Winfield, WV & Surrounding Communities
Residential & Commercial Gasoline, Propane, Diesel, Battery, and Natural Gas Generators

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Back Up Electrical Equipment with Generators from Absten Services LLC

Absten Services LLC is the region’s source for generator installation and repair in Winfield, WV and surrounding communities. Our electrical technicians service all types of generators throughout southwestern WV. As an authorized Generac® dealer, we can install and repair portable and hardwired generator models in the area.

We offer residential and commercial generators that provide remote power for equipment on-location. Electricians from Absten Services LLC also install and maintain emergency backup generators for added safety. We are on call 24/7 at (304) 757-2864 for emergency generator repair service or contact us online to schedule generator installation.

Portable and Hardwired Commercial and Industrial Generators Available

Absten supplies portable and hardwired generators that are more suitable for commercial or industrial systems. These can come equipped with automatic transfer switches to help control output. When you need reliable power, trust the pros at Absten Services LLC to keep your important electrical operations functioning.

When Power Goes Out, Count on Our Residential & Commercial Generators

When power goes out, the loss of energy supply to critical equipment or machines can be costly. In residential situations, the lasting effects of a power outage can become dangerous and life threatening. This is true where health equipment or refrigerated medications may be critical to health and safety.

Today’s residential and commercial heating, cooling, refrigeration, and digital equipment require a consistent stream of electricity. The financial costs related to power outages can be expensive enough to have a backup generator on-hand. Remote locations and those subject to intermittent outage problems can also benefit from reliable and backup generator power. Consult with the electrical professionals at Absten Services LLC today.

Backup Generators for Emergencies, Health, Safety, and More

Think of the many ways and reasons your home or business may need backup generators. When emergencies happen, and they do, will you or your visitors be able to find your way out of a dark building? Will important refrigerated or frozen products remain safe to use? Digital security equipment, computer files, and more often need to maintain a steady rate and temperature to avoid damage.

Various parts of our area may be prone to emergency weather conditions, such as heavy snow or other disaster events. Battery back-ups for equipment may last for just a few hours and do not often provide enough time to obtain repair or keep important operations going. Absten Services LLC can provide you with a powerful new generator to serve as an electrical back-up system that you can rely on for added security.

Absten Services LLC is an Authorized Generac® Dealer

Absten Services LLC can provide you with the state-of-the-art generator features you need. As an authorized Generac® dealer, we install premium-grade, electrical generators that come with many quality options, including:

Automatic On (When Power is Lost)


Indefinite Operation

Silent Models

Your Choice of Fuel Options, Tailored to What Works Best

The generators installed by Absten Services LLC are available with your choice of fuel. This can make having an additional generator safe and cost-effective. These fuel options include:





Natural Gas

Generators Keep the Lights on During a Power Failure

Let Absten Services LLC help keep your lights on during a power failure at your home or business. No matter whether the problem is caused by weather, an accident, a larger power grid problem, or other emergency, we can keep your operations supplied with power. Contact us to schedule your generator work with us today!


As a Generac authorized dealer, Absten Services LLC

is the region’s source forgenerator installation and repair in Winfield, WV.